Thursday, June 16, 2011

Separation Anxiety getting worse...

Feel free to skip over my SA posts, but this is more for a journal for myself as to how Kaitlyn handled this stage in her life if I ever have to deal with it again! So anyway, the SA is getting even worse. Last night I had to go to an activity at church. From now on I am never going to leave without telling Kaitlyn goodbye b/c I read that it only makes it worse and they lose trust in you. So I gave Kaitlyn a hug goodbye and told her I would be back soon and left. I stood outside the door for a few minutes listening to her scream. I called Justin on my way home and he said she cried the entire time I was gone until she went to bed. She used to be FINE with Justin and LOVES her daddy. But for some reason she is traumatized right now anytime I am away, no matter who is with her. To make matters worse, now she can't even really be near my mom b/c she thinks she is being left with her. I met up with my mom again today and we had lunch and then went to Costco. I told her we were going to see Nana and so as we were getting out of the car she asked "E Nana at?" (Where's Nana at?) and I said right there and pointed to her car. She immediately freaked out b/c she thought she was getting in the car to leave. Then later on while in the store my mom couldn't even come too near the cart or Kaitlyn thought she was being left with her. She started freaking out trying to get me to hold her so that I wouldn't leave. It is getting very exhausting and I am just hoping this phase doesn't last too long. I don't think we are going to try leaving her again in nursery anytime soon if that was in fact what has brought on this sudden traumatic anxiety in our everday life! We have always been supporters of the cry it out method, but it doesn't work so well if noone wants to watch your kid b/c the literally cry for hours on end with no intermission!

In the mean time I am just trying to expose her to different environments and more people (while I am right there of course.) We have went to two different toddler storytimes at the library this week and I think those will be good for her. I am just trying to get her used to being around other kids as well b/c currently she doesn't really know how to play with them.


  1. My two cents is that even though it's hard the more you leave her the more she sees that you come back. Maybe start 15 minutes here and there. I think play dates is a great idea too. We had a harder time with Ella then the other two. You are more then welcome to drop her off here while you run to the store (HT SD?) or whatever. Crying kids don't phase me! Or a play date would be great too. E-mail me.

  2. Stages like this are just so hard - for you and for her. I don't have much good advice to give you. I think she is probably just going to have to grow through it. I agree with Jess that even though she hates seeing you go, the more you go the more she will see you come back. I don't think you have to push her, but don't let it stop you from living life normally either. Give her lots of mommy time and love whatever chance you can, but still leave her when you normally would. I'm sorry she is going through this - I know it can be so incredibly frustrating.