Friday, May 21, 2010


The other day some of our friends Mark and Ashley were over at our house with their son Brigham. Kaitlyn and Brigham are exactly one week apart and he even came to see her the day she was born at the hospital! haha. Anyways, they get to play with each other pretty often. Here are a few pics of them playing together:

Looking at the camera

Kaitlyn acting all innocent with one hand on Brigham's foot...

In for the kill!
I didn't get the after picture b/c I had to stop Kaitlyn b/c poor Briggs started crying from her sharp little teeth! haha!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kaitlyn Sleeping: Part II

So this is how I found Kaitlyn this morning! Suprisingly she wasn't even crying like she usually does for me to come get her, just talking to herself. Now instead of just snuggling with the bumpers she has managed to crumple them up and slide underneath them! I retie these things every day! haha! So cute...She is always so happy for me to pick her up in the mornings!

Hi Mom!

Pick me up Please!

Friday, May 7, 2010

WDW Here we come! Again!

So I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but we leave for Disney World in 2 weeks! Wahoo! I am so excited! We convinced my Mom to take us a couple months ago and the time has finally almost arrived. We are going really cheap though! Me, Justin, my brother Justin, my Mom and Kaitlyn will all be staying in one room at the cheapest resort and we are going to try and fit into one car! haha! We also completed our Day of Service so we will get one free day in the parks out of it. So it will be an experience for sure! I am sure none of us will like having to sleep in the same room as Kaitlyn! She is such a noisy sleeper. I don't know how people sleep with their kids in the same bed as them...Justin and I don't even like for her to be in our same room! haha. I keep her monitor on the absolute lowest setting possible so I only have to hear her cries.

Anyways, I am so excited since last year when we went I was pregnant and couldn't ride anything. Plus Disney is very baby friendly we have been reading and they can pretty much go on any ride that I was able to ride while pregnant. If anyone does have any other tips for taking a baby to Disney I would love to hear them! We are worried about how the napping and eating will go. Her stroller reclines all the way down, so we are hoping she will nap there instead of having to go back to the room.

Justin is just so excited about all the food he can't stand it. He has already planned out all of his menus. We are doing the Disney Dining Plan...which if you have never done it, I HIGHLY recommend it. Last year was our first time and it was AMAZING. You don't have to worry about what you are spending and you get soooo much food. Plus you can get the most expensive thing on the menu if you wish. It really is cheaper in the long run...unless you are staying off of Disney and have a kitchen...but my family hates to cook on vacations. The food is the best part!