Saturday, November 7, 2015

Adeline is 2 months! Life up to this point...

Life with is getting easier little by little.  Adeline is the most precious, perfect baby so far that we have ever had!  She rarely cries unless she is really gassy or hungry.  As long as we keep her fed, she is a perfect angel.  She even started sleeping through the night at only 7 weeks old.  I just love her so much.  Even though we were really hoping for another boy to give Brayden a brother, I now couldn’t imagine life without Adeline!  She is the sweetest thing!  She smiles all the time at us if you just look at her and smile.  I can’t even stress how wonderful she is!  I guess Heavenly Father really knew that with all the other changes going on in our life right now, I probably would not be very sane if she was a difficult baby.  The only thing that has really upset me is that I really want to enjoy my time with her as a baby and I just feel that I am not really able to do that since there is so much other stuff that constantly needs to be done.  I wish that I could just sit around and cuddle her all day, but the house still needs tons of work done to it and of course just the daily kitchen cleaning, etc. takes most any other free time I have.  I am back to my exclusive pumping.  I know most people think that is completely crazy, but it works for us.  I’m finally starting to not have much pain anymore.  This has been one of the more painful breastfeeding startups that I remember.  Lots of blisters, sores, even had mastitis twice where I thought I was getting the flu or something.  I had a fever, could barely move, and my whole body was aching, along with very sore and tender breasts.  Luckily it cleared up after 2 days.  Other than that though, things have not been too bad.  Adeline currently is not on any type of schedule except for her eating schedule.  She currently had 6 bottles a day all about 5 oz each.  I currently pump 5 times a day, but I could probably manage to eliminate one pump since I produce way more than she eats.  I am just always hesitant to do it since you can’t really get it back once you eliminate it.  All the other kids have been very good with Adeline.  Kaitlyn wanted to hold her a lot when she was a newborn but now doesn’t really pay much attention to her.  Brayden rarely pays attention to her.  Surprisingly it is Allie who is constantly all over her.  Too much!  I catch her rolling all over her trying to snuggle her and often lays too far on top of her and then of course Adeline will start crying.  It is sweet that Allie loves her so much, but I almost wish she didn’t since cold and flu season is now upon us and Allie is constantly touching Adeline’s eyes and mouth and spreading her germs.  Unfortunately Allie, Brayden and Kaitlyn were all sick last week and all pretty much got over it in a couple days.  But Adeline and I both caught it and we are still sick!  Luckily Adeline’s is not too bad, but mine is horrible.  I actually ended up going to the Minute Clinic yesterday b/c it only seemed to be getting worse.  I have completely lost my voice for the past 4 days and the minute clinic said that I had a bad sinus infection.  Apparently my right ear is very inflamed and I guess that is causing a lot of drainage to drop down into me causing me to lose my voice and giving me my cough.  And of course it couldn’t have came at a worse time since Justin and I are leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow! 

I am really looking forward to our trip though.  Not just because we get to go to Vegas, but I am looking forward to having some quality time with Adeline.  While Justin is at his conferences it will just be me and her all day with no other obligations and I can’t wait!

One Month Photo Shoot

With everything going on, we never found the time to try and hire a newborn photographer and she was already too old by the time we were even up to it with the new house and all.  So Justin and I tried to take a few ourselves.  Nothing wonderful like a photographer could, but we still love our beautiful girl anyway!

Two Month Photo Shoot

We also had Adeline's blessing one of the last weekends in October.  All the family came into town for the occasion!  It was great having every one there to support Adeline for her blessing day!

My beautiful baby girl!

Our first family photo as a family of 6!  Too bad it took us 2 months to get around to it!

Brayden's 4th Birthday

My baby boy Brayden is now 4 years old!  Hard to believe!  For his birthday we didn't do too much since our lives were still so crazy at that point, but I took him to Taco Bell (his favorite) and then afterwards we took him to Walmart to pick out a toy from both my mom and me and Justin.  He picked out a remote control Monster truck and a Disney Cars Racing Bath toy set.  For dinner I made all his favorites and my Mom came over and made a construction cake for him.  Then on Saturday we took him to Carowinds to celebrate since it is pretty much his favorite place on Earth at the moment.  So happy to have my boy!  I do miss his cuddles.  I rarely get them anymore.  He was always my only cuddler growing up!

Also Brayden had been doing his martial arts and it is going ok.  He plays around a lot and doesn't really take it seriously at all.  But here is a fun picture of him!


We had lots of opportunities to dress up this year.  Our first party was put on by Brayden’s Martial Arts team and it was a lot of fun for the kids.  They created a haunted house in one of their rooms and it was really good!  Brayden was pretty scared and didn’t want to go back in! haha!  Then on Halloween day, our church had an amazing Fall Festival.  It was by far the best church activity I have ever been to!  One family in our ward spent the entire night making the best NC BBQ I have ever had.  Including restaurants!  It was amazing and they even created homemade sauces.  So not only was the food incredible, but they really put so much work into it.  All of the classrooms had various games and prizes for all of the younger kids and then outside they had games of all kinds set up for the older kids.  And then after that we had a trunk or treat so the kids all had a great time!  Then soon after we got home from that it was time to go trick or treating.  We decided to just stick to our new neighborhood which was sufficient for our kids, but I do miss Berewick trick or treating.  Our neighborhood is very hilly and the houses are farther apart so you can’t easily hit as many in a short period of time.  So not sure what we will do next year.  But everyone had a good time!  I am glad that it is over!  It was a busy weekend for sure!