Friday, July 9, 2010

Kaitlyn vs The Stairs

Kaitlyn is all over the place now! Whenever we are downstairs she is constantly crawling over to the stairs and up she goes! Tonight was her first night crawling the entire way up the stairs! Don't worry, I was behind her waiting to catch her if she fell while Justin videotaped! Don't feel like you have to watch the whole thing...I understand it is probably not as exciting for you! haha.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Festivities!

This year was calmer than most 4th's now that we have a baby. We went to church and then later that evening went over to our friend's Mark and Ashley's house for a cook-out. Ashley made this awesome Flag cake! I had to take a picture of it!

Kaitlyn in her 4th of July attire

Mr. and Mrs. Jorgensen

This past week was SUPER busy for us. We left Tuesday afternoon for Washington D.C. It was also our first time leaving Kaitlyn overnight! My mom came and picked her up before we left. It was so sad! We made good time up to D.C. and then spent Wednesday at the temple for Ainsley's endowments and then they got married on Thursday. After the wedding, Jake's parents provided a luncheon at the Cheesecake Factory. Then came the horrible part. It took us (NO EXAGGERATION) 3 HOURS to go no more than 30 miles!!!! We were sooo mad. I HATE D.C. traffic. To the point that I really have no desire to go back there for a long long time. We still were going to have to drive to Charlotte to pick up Kaitlyn and then drive on to Shallotte that same night. My mom was nice enough to meet us in Raleigh so that we shaved off a good 4-5 hours off the trip since we were able to go straight on to Shallotte from Raleigh instead of going way around.
Kaitlyn actually did suprisingly well while we were away until the very last day, My mom was ready to give her back! haha. She was pretty good for us while in Shallotte Friday for the reception. Here are some pictures of the past week:

The Happy Couple (Ainsley is Justin's little sister, youngest of 4 older brothers)
Me and My Sister and Laws!

Justin and I in front of the D.C. Temple. We were married there 3 years and 2 months ago!
First Dance at Beach Reception at Ocean Isle Beach
Family Beach Photo