Monday, April 20, 2015

Baby No. 4!

Well I realize that I never posted what sex our baby was going to be after I announced we were going to find out on Facebook.  The real reason is that after the doctor appointment I was pretty depressed.  While getting our ultrasound, the tech goes over everything and then we finally find out that we are having another baby girl!  So everyone knows I really wanted another boy so that Brayden could have a brother.  So It's not like we were upset about finding out it was a girl, but just a little disappointed.  Well Justin claims he was not and didn't care either way, but I don't believe him.  What made me depressed is after the ultrasound was over, Justin leaves to go back to work and I go on to wait to see the doctor.  She comes in an tells me that they actually found some cysts on the brain and they will need to monitor them over the pregnancy.  She told me it is probably nothing, but that it can be a sign of downs syndrome, but more specifically a special more serious condition called trisomy 18 which basically most babies don't even survive long after childbirth if that.  So easy for her to say "dont' worry" but basically it is a wait and see situation.  I already passed on all of the genetic testing and not that I would have aborted if there was something wrong, but it would have been nice to be prepared.  The cysts should clear up on their own whether the baby is healthy or not.  So even that alone is not something to comfort me.  But I did have a blessing after a full day of crying, and literally spending hours googling every worse case scenario situation I could find.  yes I'm that person.  I actually felt a lot better after the blessing and I've definitely tried to place that whole situation to the back of my mind and just focus on all the other stresses going on in my life right now!  But it did put a damper on any happy facebook posts about the sex of the baby, so I just never did! So there it is!  We are having a baby girl and if all goes well, it will be drama central in our house a few years down the road!

Selling our House

Well I have a lot to touch on since my last post.  I am currently about 22 weeks pregnant.  We have also made a lot of pretty big decisions.  It's no secret that we have wanted to move out of our current neighborhood for a while and our last straw was finding out that Kaitlyn did not get accepted into any of our CMS lottery options.  We did get accepted into one Charter school, but it is all the way uptown and I was just not willing to drive that far 2x a day.  Plus I wasn't even that happy about that school anyway.  So we decided to put our house on the market. It was extremely stressful and so much work getting our house ready to put on the market.  We packed away so many toys and most all the clutter we could manage and packed it all up into our garage so that the house looked presentable.  We were really excited b/c we got a cash offer within the first 4 days of it being listed.  Unfortunately it turned out be a disaster and I regret ever accepting it.  It was by an investment company and they had never even seen the house in person.  Just the online photos.  They refused to give any due diligence money so we just sat in limbo waiting for the due diligence to run out so we could start packing and really start moving.  Well right before our due diligence was set to expire, the broker contacted us and said that her client wanted to extend it another week.  We agreed but reluctantly b/c they still had not even bothered to schedule an inspection.  Our realtor was getting worried about it and said that she didn't think they were serious enough and we should terminate.  Well turns out we didn't even have to terminate, the broker finally contacts me after wasting about a month of our time off the market and tells me the client needed to withdraw b/c he was having a lot of issues with his inspectors and would not be able to close on the deal.  We were pretty mad.  So we go back on active status and now since we are no longer showing as a new listing all the showings have dwindled tremendously.  The first week we were active we had so many showings it was crazy.  Now we are lucky to have 1-2 a week.  All feedback has been really positive except for the small yard, but nothing we can do about that.  We were the second choice for one client, so that sucks, but at least we know people like our house.  We are one of the lowest priced in our community as well so we had hoped that would help.  Back when we thought we had sold our house we also put in an offer to build a new house with True homes off Regent Pkwy.  We really wanted Fort Mill, but everything was so expensive and really not what we wanted.  So we are building.  It is a great location but in Indian Land.  But we are ok with that.  The schools are not up to Fort Mill Standards, but WAY better that most CMS schools and especially our neighborhood school that Kaitlyn would have been going to.  They are uniform though which I am not happy about.  So anyway, we have the stress of trying to build a new house, and then finding out that we actually did not sell ours and we are already under contract.  We really need to sell our house to get the money we have invested into it, but if we cannot sell by summer, we plan on just renting it out. I just don't know how we will come up with our down payment for the new house!  So that sums up most of the craziness going on right now.  Keeping a show ready house has been so frustrating.  It is really sad waking up every day cleaning the house and then realizing it was all for nothing.  The showings are pretty horrible as well.  I usually have to interrupt naps, stop whatever I'm doing and clean like a crazy person and then just wander around town for hours until it is time for me to come back home and then find out it was all for nothing.  I just feel like our lives are in limbo right now.  We can rarely even plan dinners anymore b/c I will start preparing a dinner and then all the sudden we have to leave and I have to just put it in the fridge.  But I guess it could be worse.  We could be trying to sell once our new baby has already arrived.  I think at that point I really would be crazy!