Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baby Number 3 is on it's way!

Well I guess it is time to announce that I am currently pregnant with Baby No. 3!  I am currently a little over 10 weeks pregnant and just had my first doctor's appointment last week.  They were able to find a heartbeat which they said was rare being so early, so I thought I would finally announce it.  I've told a few people, but am always hesitant to announce it to everyone in case something goes wrong.  But I've finally decided that if something horrible like a miscarriage was to happen, I would rather have the support of people actually knowing why I am depressed and grumpy. 

This pregnancy was a bit of a shock, but we were excited.  We had planned on starting to try again around October or November, so this wasn't too much sooner, but still suprising!  I am a bit nervous about having 3 kids 3 and under.  But also excited to have them all close together and then being able to move past the baby stages for good!  I can't wait to be able to find out what it is!

I have not been feeling too good this pregnancy.  I don't have morning sickness, just like my previous pregnancies, but I am just ALWAYS TIRED.  I literally feel like I could sleep all the time.  Many nights I try to go to bed around 9ish.  Plus Kaitlyn still usually wakes up once a night or so and Brayden has been sick so much he has not been sleeping good, so as a result my sleep has been suffering.  Plus with all my Shea Homes work as well, I am just an emotinal grump.  I've been in a real funk lately, but I looked up that it is pretty normal around this time to hit your peak of hormonal emotions.  I freak out and cry multiple times a week and basically am just too tired to do anything productive. My house is a wreck b/c any free time I do have is usually spent working for Shea or else I just don't care and don't want to clean.  Oh well.  Hopefully in a few weeks I will feel more like my old self!  For now I am just counting down the time that I can find out what sex it is so we can start figuring out bedroom situations!

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was good.  Kaitlyn is getting old enough to really understand and appreciate it.  She dressed up as Cinderella and Brayden actually got to be two different costumes thanks to friends who let us borrow their costumes.  The Saturday before Halloween we had a Church Halloween party where the kids dressed up and we had a pot luck dinner and then a Trunk or Treat. 

Cinderella and Puss and Boots
Our Little Puss and Boots
The day before Halloween we carved our pumpking.  Kaitlyn picked out a Ghost pattern and after it was over she got scared and tried to hide from it until we convinced her it wasn't a real ghost on the pumpkin.  After that all she wanted to do was stare at it.  She is a real scaredy cat of Halloween things.  She refused to go to any of the "scary" houses trick or treating.  One of the houses up the street had music and costumes on while they were handing out candy.  I carried her up there and then put her down to pick up the candy and she SCREAMED at the top of her lungs and took up running the other way! haha!  Luckily it was one of our last houses, b/c after that she was so nervous about going to more "scary" houses that she was not very into it! haha!

Cinderella in her winter cloak
Rooster Brayden on Halloween
Getting Ready to go out Trick or Treating with Brigham the Pirate
All Brayden got to do...not very exciting :)

Brayden's 1st Birthday!

My sweet Brayden is now ONE years old!  He is the sweetest, most even-tempered baby ever!  He still LOVES to eat and has actually lost weight!  He first year statistics are:

Length: 29.5 inches 25-50%
Weight: 22 lbs 11 oz, 25-50%...I think the dr. actually said it was about 40%
Head Circ. 46 cm, 25-50%
So he is actually below average for everything!  He still seems like a chubby little baby, but I guess he has came a long ways from his 90% weight! haha!  The first year appointment was horrible!  He had to have 4 shots and a finger prick where they squeezed out 2 viles of blood!  Suprisingly he didn't even cry the entire time during the finger prick, or while they were squeezing out the blood.  I was shocked!  But he did not like the shots AT ALL.  And I hate how I have to hold him down while they do it!  So unfair!  Unfortuantly Brayden has been sick for like 2-3 weeks as well as the rest of us on and off.  His just doesn't seem to let up.  The doctor still felt confident going through with all the shots though!  I still have mixed feelings about all these vaccines, but I ultimately think the pros outweigh the slim percentage of possible cons.  Anyway Brayden is also MAJORLY teething right now.  He is getting in several molars right now.  Which I think seems pretty early.  But that combined with his sickness has made him very grumpy lately.  I hate it for him, and for me, since I am so used to having such a happy easy going baby.  When he is sick, he is a grump.  Just like his dad! haha!  And I must say, as difficult as Kaitlyn can be, when she is sick, she is actually not too bad.  She may be grumpy the first day, but then after that she just complains about her nose and is pretty much her normal self.  I guess that just proves to me the difference in how men and women handle colds! haha! I acutally saw this picture on pinterest and thought "SO TRUE!" HAHA!
Anyway, on to Brayden's birthday!  On his actual birthday we didn't do anything special, b/c most all my family around Charlotte was gone.  Justin made some chocolate cupcakes and frosting and we put a candle in it and sang him Happy Birthday.  At first he didn't even know what to do with it.  He kept touching it and getting mad.  So after I broke it up into a few peices for him, he tasted it and then devoured it! haha!

The following weekend, we went to Justin's parents house for his actual Birthday party.  We had a combined party with his cousin Ellie is only 2 days younger than him!  Most all the family on Justin's side was in attendance so it was a good time for all the kids to hang out with their cousins.  We got a little mini cake for Brayden and Ellie to split and of course he loved that too!

 Opening sme of his presents

No More Naps

Around the start of October we decided to stop giving Kaitlyn her afternoon nap.  It was just becoming too much of a struggle to get her to finally fall asleep and then by the time she fell asleep it would be so late that she wouldn't be tired for bedtime and that was becoming a nightmare.  So as much as I hated the idea of not having the sacred naptime anymore, I consented that she could just stop.  We still try to give her "quiet time" where she is supposed to stay in the playroom and watch a movie or play by herself, but usually this just ends up in the playroom getting destroyed everyday.  But I still need this "break" to try and get my Shea Homes work done.  Unfortuantly I have started working quite a lot at Shea again and have been pretty busy.  It is actually stressing me out.  I'm going to give it a few more months and then I'll have to reevaluate again.  We are saving up to buy a van, so the extra money is really helping out with that.  Otherwise I really don't see how we would be able to afford one.  Anyway, back to the naps!  The other day I was working and had put on a movie for Kaitlyn.  When I went in there to check on her a bit later I found her like this!
Then about 10 minutes later, I guess her head was getting heavy so she laid back and crossed her leg! haha!  So cute!  You can also see her drool spot on her shirt from the first sleeping position! haha!