Sunday, November 4, 2012

Brayden's 1st Birthday!

My sweet Brayden is now ONE years old!  He is the sweetest, most even-tempered baby ever!  He still LOVES to eat and has actually lost weight!  He first year statistics are:

Length: 29.5 inches 25-50%
Weight: 22 lbs 11 oz, 25-50%...I think the dr. actually said it was about 40%
Head Circ. 46 cm, 25-50%
So he is actually below average for everything!  He still seems like a chubby little baby, but I guess he has came a long ways from his 90% weight! haha!  The first year appointment was horrible!  He had to have 4 shots and a finger prick where they squeezed out 2 viles of blood!  Suprisingly he didn't even cry the entire time during the finger prick, or while they were squeezing out the blood.  I was shocked!  But he did not like the shots AT ALL.  And I hate how I have to hold him down while they do it!  So unfair!  Unfortuantly Brayden has been sick for like 2-3 weeks as well as the rest of us on and off.  His just doesn't seem to let up.  The doctor still felt confident going through with all the shots though!  I still have mixed feelings about all these vaccines, but I ultimately think the pros outweigh the slim percentage of possible cons.  Anyway Brayden is also MAJORLY teething right now.  He is getting in several molars right now.  Which I think seems pretty early.  But that combined with his sickness has made him very grumpy lately.  I hate it for him, and for me, since I am so used to having such a happy easy going baby.  When he is sick, he is a grump.  Just like his dad! haha!  And I must say, as difficult as Kaitlyn can be, when she is sick, she is actually not too bad.  She may be grumpy the first day, but then after that she just complains about her nose and is pretty much her normal self.  I guess that just proves to me the difference in how men and women handle colds! haha! I acutally saw this picture on pinterest and thought "SO TRUE!" HAHA!
Anyway, on to Brayden's birthday!  On his actual birthday we didn't do anything special, b/c most all my family around Charlotte was gone.  Justin made some chocolate cupcakes and frosting and we put a candle in it and sang him Happy Birthday.  At first he didn't even know what to do with it.  He kept touching it and getting mad.  So after I broke it up into a few peices for him, he tasted it and then devoured it! haha!

The following weekend, we went to Justin's parents house for his actual Birthday party.  We had a combined party with his cousin Ellie is only 2 days younger than him!  Most all the family on Justin's side was in attendance so it was a good time for all the kids to hang out with their cousins.  We got a little mini cake for Brayden and Ellie to split and of course he loved that too!

 Opening sme of his presents

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