Sunday, September 19, 2010

My attempt at Photoshop

Have I mentioned that Kaitlyn is about to turn ONE! Ah! I can't believe it! Well everyone knows that we are on a SUPER strict budget, but we still wanted to make up first birthday invitations to have as a keepsake for a little family party that we are having for her birthday. So we researched photo invitation prices and they were WAY to expensive! So I thought I would attempt to create my own. I have a downloaded version of photoshop so I dressed Kaitlyn up and took some home photos of her, then I messed around for a few hours on an invitation. I have never really used photoshop before and it was a lot more confusing than I was expecting. So I googled what I wanted to do and then took youtube tutorials! haha! I just tried to keep it simple with a pink and white polka dot background and I thought it turned out pretty well! Then all I had to do was send them off to Wal-mart to have printed for only like $.18 a piece! MUCH cheaper than the alternative!

I will post pictures soon of her actual birthday party! We are having the family party here at our house on the 25th and on Monday we are having a joint bday party with her best friend Brigham who is exactly one week older than her!