Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life at the Moment

Kaitlyn has been growing up so fast lately! Which is making her happier and happier each day...and that makes me happy! Seriously though, in just a matter of weeks she has started walking all over our family room (while holding onto her toys or furniture) and just today she crawled for the first time! She still prefers to get to what she wants through walking, but I think is figuring out the crawling. We also bought her a walker off of Craigslist and she literally runs all over the house in it! She is such a happier, more independent baby now. Although, nap time is much harder now as you can see!

She pulls herself up and walks around her crib, so it makes trying to get her to sleep very hard! She usually will only take one nap a day now. And then one in the car if we are out and about. As you can see from the picture, we had to go ahead and lower her crib mattress. She is also destroying the crib with her teeth! I am in the process of creating a crib rail cover to prevent that from happening. I have been really into sewing lately. I am working on three different dresses for myself as well. I will do a post on all of my sewing creations when I am finished.
Other than that we have a very busy Summer ahead of us. Weddings, Showers, Parties Galore!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Disney World May 2010

We have arrived safely home from our first Disney trip with a baby. Kaitlyn actually did suprisingly well. She took naps in the stroller and her eating habits grew tremendously! She LOVED eating all of the table foods that we were eating. I guess she just doesn't like baby food! She has gotten pretty good at eating breads and soft foods. The only time she really had her melt-downs was when she was really tired or Justin and I were on a ride and she was left with my mom and brother! haha. It was a lot of fun, but much more stressful with a baby. Having to tote around all of her bottles and my pumping supplies was not fun. Maybe we will try again when she is a little older! But until then I would rather stick to relaxing vacations like cruises!

Here are some pics from our trip: Enjoy!

Kaitlyn trying on my sunglasses

Standing in line
Kaitlyn attempting to pull the Sword from the Stone
Meeting Cinderella
Us plus my brother Justin in front of the castle

In front of the Seas at Epcot. We love the 'Mine Mine Mine' seagulls

Tommorrowland Transit Authority: One of my favorite rides! haha

Tree of Life

Kaitlyn's first time in a pool. Not as much of a fan being held, but we got her a floatie and she kicked all around the pool. She loved it!