Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was good.  Kaitlyn is getting old enough to really understand and appreciate it.  She dressed up as Cinderella and Brayden actually got to be two different costumes thanks to friends who let us borrow their costumes.  The Saturday before Halloween we had a Church Halloween party where the kids dressed up and we had a pot luck dinner and then a Trunk or Treat. 

Cinderella and Puss and Boots
Our Little Puss and Boots
The day before Halloween we carved our pumpking.  Kaitlyn picked out a Ghost pattern and after it was over she got scared and tried to hide from it until we convinced her it wasn't a real ghost on the pumpkin.  After that all she wanted to do was stare at it.  She is a real scaredy cat of Halloween things.  She refused to go to any of the "scary" houses trick or treating.  One of the houses up the street had music and costumes on while they were handing out candy.  I carried her up there and then put her down to pick up the candy and she SCREAMED at the top of her lungs and took up running the other way! haha!  Luckily it was one of our last houses, b/c after that she was so nervous about going to more "scary" houses that she was not very into it! haha!

Cinderella in her winter cloak
Rooster Brayden on Halloween
Getting Ready to go out Trick or Treating with Brigham the Pirate
All Brayden got to do...not very exciting :)

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