Saturday, November 7, 2015

Brayden's 4th Birthday

My baby boy Brayden is now 4 years old!  Hard to believe!  For his birthday we didn't do too much since our lives were still so crazy at that point, but I took him to Taco Bell (his favorite) and then afterwards we took him to Walmart to pick out a toy from both my mom and me and Justin.  He picked out a remote control Monster truck and a Disney Cars Racing Bath toy set.  For dinner I made all his favorites and my Mom came over and made a construction cake for him.  Then on Saturday we took him to Carowinds to celebrate since it is pretty much his favorite place on Earth at the moment.  So happy to have my boy!  I do miss his cuddles.  I rarely get them anymore.  He was always my only cuddler growing up!

Also Brayden had been doing his martial arts and it is going ok.  He plays around a lot and doesn't really take it seriously at all.  But here is a fun picture of him!

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