Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a Boy!

So today Justin and I went in for our 20 week ultrasound and we found out we are having a little boy! I have made it no secret that I wanted another little girl so that they would be 'friends' but I guess Kaitlyn will just have to be friends with her brother! My initial reaction was not really disappointment I should say, b/c of course I am happy to have a precious little boy, but I was actually nervous! A boy is a whole different ball game than what I have grown accustomed to with Kaitlyn! A million thoughts just started rushing through my head. After our ultrasound the tech had us go wait in the sitting area, while she got our doctor and sorted through the pictures. Justin and I chatted happily and I was sent to my room for my consultation visit.

Then it got bad. The doctor came into the room and asked me to come with her. She took me back in for another ultrasound b/c she wanted to "check a few things." Justin stayed behind with Kaitlyn. The second ultrasound was horrible. The doctor and US tech just kept moving all over my stomach looking at different areas of my baby with worried looks on their faces. They never said a word to me the whole time except to each other like, is that it? Finally I was like "is something wrong?" I was then told that my baby's cord has inserted at the top of the placenta, which is not good. It is usually inserted at the middle of the placenta so that the baby receives the proper nutrition, oxygen, bloodflow, etc. that it needs. While mine being at the top is not absolutely cause for something to go wrong, it just means that I will have to receive routine ultrasounds to keep checking the progress of the baby to make sure it is growing and I was told it often results in premature labor. They said the main problems result in birth defects from the baby not receiving the proper nutrition, etc. that it needs from the cord being at the top. The doctor didn't really tell me much else, but just said to come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound and they would just have to keep a close eye on me. I was too shocked to even know what questions to ask at that time. So I left and we drove home.

I felt like our happy chatter about having a boy was ruined. I came home and started googling my condition and freaked myself out. Apparently there are two different cases for what I have and one is MUCH more serious than the other. But I was never told what kind I have or maybe b/c they don't even know yet? But I spent the rest of my day crying over what I read on the internet and worrying that I had the horrible condition. Justin told me to stop reading about it and we tried calling our doctor to see if they had more information but we haven't heard back from them yet.

So yes, even though I was completely freaked out and not expecting this news, I finally got off the internet and had a prayer. Justin and my brother also gave me a blessing and I feel better as I am now typing this post tonight. I am sure I will still be nervous up until each ultrasound visit where I get my reassurances, but for now I am going to try and stay strong and just start preparing my life for a new baby boy!


  1. Yea for a boy! It will be great! At 12 weeks or so they diagnosed me with two different placental problems. One was pretty common, one was obscure and scary... especially when I started doing my own research on line. By 28 weeks both of them had pretty much works themselves out. Try to stay positive and remember that our bodies are amazing things. We'll keep you guys in our prayers...

  2. I'm sorry! Things like that are so freaky. I will keep you in my prayers that it will turn out to be one of those cases where everything just goes smoothly. Like Jess, I have had weird placenta diagnosis's that ended up not affecting the baby at all, and my little sister just had a baby right after me that only had two cord vessels...something that can also cause the baby to not grow properly or have birth defects. She had to have regular ultrasounds like you. The baby was a perfectly healthy 8 pounder. I don't know if stories like bring you any comfort, but keep up the faith and the hope!

  3. I'm glad that you had a blessing - everything will be fine. I hate it when doctors give you vague information; it would be better if they just didn't say anything.

    love you girl - hang in there. xoxo