Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Pregnant!

I am happy to say that I am pregnant with baby #2! I am very excited since we had actually been trying for a while. With Kaitlyn we got pregnant the first month we tried so the disappointment each month of finding out I wasn't pregnant was new for me. Although I am sure mine is nothing in comparison to some. We only tried for about 5 months before having the positive test, but to me it felt like forever! I think I was just spoiled getting pregnant right away with Kaitlyn. Anyway, my due date is October 30th so we will have a Halloween baby! I am about 12 weeks along and for some reason have been soooo nervous this time around. With Kaitlyn we told everyone pretty much right away. This time, for some reason, I have just been so nervous about miscarrying that I have kept it quiet. I was talking about it to one of my friends and she gave me good advice as I told her that I just had a bad feeling this time around. She said that "those bad feelings are never put there by Heavenly Father, but by Satan. He is the one that wants us to have bad feelings about good things." Which is so true and did make me feel better at the time. But for some reason I can't shake the feelings of miscarriage out of my mind. I will just be happy to get far enough into my second trimester to feel better. Other than my "uncessary worries" I am starting to feel better. I have not physically thrown up, but have felt pretty nauseous. Mainly though I am just tired and weak feeling. I just want to sleep all the time but recently just lay in bed and can't fall asleep! Very annoying when all I want is sleep! My house has pretty much went into shambles :) Cleaning is just not at the top of my priority list. (not that it ever was very high!) But at least I have turned in my work notice! I felt much better after that knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not as bad working when there is an end in sight! I am looking forward to being able to enjoy my summer free with Kaitlyn and hopefully have a relaxing second trimester!

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