Sunday, April 10, 2011

Freedom Park

This past Friday was a beautiful day so I decided to take Kaitlyn to Freedom Park to feed the ducks/geese. I wish it wasn't so far away b/c it has so much to keep kids entertained. We have a playground in our neighborhood, but I don't know of a closer location that ALWAYS has ducks around to feed. Anyone?? Anyways, Kaitlyn enjoyed swinging on the swings... Then we made our way over to where all the ducks were. I was nervous about her falling into the water, but she seemed to know not too get too close. She was loving it at first, but didn't get the hang of how to throw the bread to them. She kept just holding it out in her hand and I would have to take it from her to throw to the ducks. Well eventually one of the Canadian geese decided to take it from her hand anyway! It was so quick, I think she mainly just got scared by it, but needless to say she wanted nothing to do with them after one "bit" her finger! haha. So I finished feeding them our bread and then we headed back home.

Just holding the bread out for them...

Eating a little bit of the bread for herself

I think this may have been the goose that bit her :)


  1. Shannon - there was a post that my google reader picked up and now it's not on here...what's the deal??!! ;)

  2. Ok, it is posted for you. I had originally wrote it and then decided not to post it yet, but I guess the secret escaped anyway!