Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July 2011

I definitely fell behind on my blogging this summer, so this is a catch up post. Kaitlyn has graduated to a toddler bed. We actually did this probably 2 months ago or so, but I haven't gotten around to posting about it until now. Since baby Brayden will be requiring the crib come October, we didn't want to buy a new one and figured we should probably start transitioning her now in case it took a while. As you may have noticed from my posts, Kaitlyn has never been an easy baby for us, so we were expecting this to be a challenge as well. Much to my surprise she adjusted wonderfully! She goes right to sleep and doesn't even try and escape her room. She does wander around her room now and then, and collect stuff to bring back in bed with her, but she still always goes to sleep and still takes her naps no problem. Here are a few pictures of how we found her when we went to check in on her before we went to bed:

(Above: asleep on the pillows we put at the bottom of her bed in case she fell out. Below: asleep in the middle of the floor with baby beside her :)

I can't remember if I have mentioned it before, but Kaitlyn is a mini-hoarder. We joke that she is going to end up on the show. Seriously she hoards everything. She has a cozy coupe that she loves to load with all sorts of random stuff and then try and squeeze into it to. We can't leave any room of the house without her arms full of anything she can possibly carry with her. In her bed we find tons of books, toys, etc. after she has fallen asleep. She also loves to have all of her stuff buried on top of her. (See below :))

Another fun thing that Justin and I got to do this past month is head up to Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge, TN. We only went for 2 nights while my mom babysat Kaitlyn. It was nice to get away, even though we couldn't do any of the fun attractions since I was pregnant. But we had never been together and it was definitely someplace we would like to go back again. Here is a picture of us in a mirror maze we did.

Very lame, in case you were wondering, but we thought we'd try it out! We also played a little miniature golf, and did a laser challenge that I killed Justin on while wearing a skirt and being pregnant! As far as an update on Kaitlyn's separation anxiety, she has definitely gotten better. I think the trip away helped b/c she got used to being around my mom again and will now stay with Justin or my mom again with no problems. Nursery is still out of the question. But I guess it doesn't matter anymore b/c I have just been called as one of the Nursery workers! haha. So I guess she doesn't have to ever be alone in there anyway!

Kaitlyn also got to attend a birthday party this past month. Our next door neighbor Will turned 2 and had a huge backyard bash! They had all kinds of little pools and slip and slides set up for the kids. Kaitlyn LOVED it. In fact she pitched a fit when we brought her home to start getting her ready for bed (It was a late afternoon party so we were there until about 7:30ish). She ran to the back door and started pointing and screaming at their backyard to go back! haha. Here's a picture of her going down a waterslide!

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