Monday, July 6, 2015

Kaitlyn's Broken Arm

Back on April 30th, we had just gotten home from some errands and I was carrying stuff into the house.  On our front porch we had a swivel chair.  I didn't see any of it happen as I was just into the house, but apparently Kaitlyn had stood up on the spinning chair and Allie came over and pushed it.  Now to be fair to Allie, they all like to sit on the spinning chair and spin each other.  Kaitlyn just should not have been standing on it!  Well she fell off onto the concrete porch and I just hear screaming.  I run over and she is holding her arm.  I didn't think much of it at first b/c everything looked completely normal.  No swelling, no nothing.  But even after about an hour she is still randomly crying and saying her arm hurts.  I thought maybe she twisted her wrist or something but she said the middle of her arm hurt.  So I reluctantly decide we need to go see a doctor just in case even though I was sure nothing was really wrong!  So we head off the the Urgent Care and Justin meets us over there from work.  They take an X-Ray and sure enough it was broken!
 After we got home from the Urgent Care in her temporary cast.

 I think it was the next day or so, we had an appointment at the Levine Children's Ortho Center for them to decide what the next step was.  They looked over the X-rays and decided that she needed a full arm cast with her elbow at a right angle.  She had to wear the cast for one month.

So one month later we head back to Levine's Ortho Center to have her cast removed.  She was so excited to get it off.  The machine they use to saw through it was so cool!  It is literally like a table saw blade that they use to saw through the cast but once it touches skin or something very soft like the cotton padding inside it stops sawing!  She let Kaitlyn and Brayden test it out using their finger and the spinning saw blade just stops!  I was impressed!  Unfortunately they retook X-ray's and her arm was still broken but slowly healing so she still had to wear a brace for another 3 weeks so she was sad about that. But at least it made bathing much easier since we could remove the brace for that!

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