Monday, July 6, 2015

Allie Turns 2!

Allie Turned Two back in May.  With all the stress we had going on in our lives, it was a very low key birthday.  I feel a tad guilty with how slack I am about my kids' birthdays but oh well. A few updates on Allie.  She currently is talking a lot more.  Not using full sentences, but will say two word sentences and her vocabulary is growing steadily.  She is still our most extreme child.  Either very happy or very angry!  She is a handful for sure!  Things she loves: Baths, the Kindle, Disney Jr. Shows, Playing with her siblings, Food, snacks of all kinds, Playing "Blind Baby", getting her "medicine" under her nose before bedtime.  Things she does not like: Nursery, being told "no", Brayden can be hit or miss with her, having to stay inside a shopping cart while Kaitlyn and Brayden get to walk through the store, Naps, Bedtime.

 Here is my little Two Year Old Allie!

Group Shot.  Best I could get.

Once Justin got home, we took everyone to Chick-fil-A.  Allie loves that place and the ice cream is definitely her favorite!

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