Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brayden turns 3!!!

So I know I just said I can't believe I have a 5 year old, but now I can't believe that Brayden is already 3!!!  I miss my sweet little 2 year old boy!  Pretty much to the day of her 3rd birthday Kaitlyn stopped taking her midday naps.  Now I don't know what it is but pretty much right when Brayden turned 3 he has stopped taking his naps as well!  I am currently typing this while I listen to him just playing around in his room!  After about 2 hours or so in his room, I eventually just go let him out b/c it will be too late to fall asleep after 3.  I really miss when he takes naps though, not because I get a break, which is nice, but because whenever he would wake up from his naps he would always like to snuggle me for a while.  Now since he doesn't nap, he doesn't want to snuggle :(  Brayden was always my only child that enjoyed snuggles so I am pretty bummed that he is giving them up.  He is also turning more into a Daddy's boy.  If I ask for snuggles he will say he will only give Daddy cuddles.  Brayden is not in preschool this year since we barely afford one tuition as it is, but he wishes he was so much.  He has finally stopped, but the first week Kaitlyn started school I would have to pull him kicking and screaming out of the building after each drop off b/c he wanted to go to school too.  I feel bad for him in a lot of ways b/c I feel like the second/third/ etc kids get shafted as far as learning goes in this house.  I put so much effort into teaching Kaitlyn her letters, numbers, etc and feel like I never have time to do the same with him.  I really need to be better about that.  Luckily though it does not look like he will need the speech lessons.  Whenever we practice Kaitlyn's speech words he is actually able to say most all of them and definitely better that she can.  It was actually kind of sad one day b/c Brayden would say them when Kaitlyn couldn't and she would ask "Why is Brayden smarter than me?  He is only 2!"  I had to try and explain that speaking didn't have anything to do with how smart you were, but that she just needed to learn how to enunciate better.  So anyway, That is good for Brayden.  He is definitely slacking in the alphabet department compared to Kaitlyn at this age.  He knows all his upper case letters, and about 1/2 of his lowercase. He cannot sing the alphabet song, but I haven't really tried to teach him!  He can count to 10 but he doesn't comprehend how to truly count 10 objects.

For his birthday this year, I took him to Carowinds the Saturday before his birthday to spend the day and ride whatever he wanted.  He loves Carowinds.  Unfortunately soon after that the entire family came down with a bad cold that has ruined our whole week and is still going on.  So he was pretty sick on his Birthday.  All we did was open presents and I made his favorite corn casserole for dinner.  Kaitlyn is usually the one that will first catch a cold from school, etc and then spread it around the house, but yet she gets over it in like a day.  Justin usually never even catches it and if he does he is over it very soon as well.  Unfortunately for Brayden, myself and Allie, we ALWAYS catch it and the sicknesses usually last 2+ weeks.  I remember last winter we were literally sick for like 3 months straight with one cold after another.  It appears this winter will be the same :(

 Visiting the Dinosaurs at Carowinds.  He loves seeing them, but was upset the T-rex was not moving this last time we went.
 On the swings!
 Attempting a selfie while waiting for the flying ride to start.  I don't take many of these so neither of us even knew where to look!

A bit more about 3 year old Brayden:  Current favorites: Sheep and dinosaurs.  He still loves his "Baa" his stuffed animal and likes to take it everywhere.  He loves watching Shaun the sheep, Dinosaur movies such as Land Before Time, etc.  He still enjoys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and has started watching Jake and the Neverland pirates.  For toys, he likes to play with his toy dinosaurs and whatever Kaitlyn is playing.  He enjoys playing outside and likes squirt guns as well.

 Opening presents:  He got a lot of Land Before Time Movies.  Poppy (my dad) got him a roaring, light up dinosaur, and then I also got another dinosaur that lunges out at you from a church swap meet the night before as well!  He was in Dino-heaven!
Kaitlyn kept trying to open his presents for him. 

Cupcake decorating party with green frosting (his favorite color)

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