Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had a fairly low key Christmas this year.  At least for our usual.  Early in the month the kids met Santa Kaitlyn's Preschool, our Church Christmas Breakfast and then again at our neighborhood Get together:

Brayden LOVED Santa.  He ran right up to him and climbed up and snuggled into him!
 The next three show how impossible it is to try and get a picture with all 3 kids looking at the camera at the same time!  These were the best we could get!

 Christmas Eve, my mom and my brother typically come over to our house.  I usually make something simple for dinner and then we open one present.  (typically pajamas for the kids.)  Once we put the kids in bed for the night, we set up for Santa and then my mom and brother go home.  Christmas morning, Kaitlyn was the first one awake and runs into our room ready to go downstairs.  She even peaked down the railing upstairs and said that Santa brought her a giant dollhouse!  Justin and I wake everyone else up and then get ready to head downstairs to see what Santa brought!  Every year I say that the kids need nothing and I don't want to have more stuff and this year was no different!  These kids have too much stuff!  Seriously by the time all of our Christmases were over we come home and were overwhelmed by how much stuff we had to find a new home for!  In all honesty we still have not put it all away yet!  I do finally have all the Christmas decorations put away, but gifts are still sitting around ready for me to find where they need to go!  Here are some Christmas Pictures:
 Elsa Dress!
 Shaun the Sheep!
 Nana's House!

 Squeezies for Allie!
 Loves her some Doc McStuffins!

 Poppy's House

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