Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kaitlyn turns 5!!!

I seriously can't believe I have a 5 year old!  When people ask me how old my children are, I still catch myself wanting to say 4,2 and 1.  It actually makes me pretty sad.  I have loved this age with Kaitlyn.  I think 4 has been one of my favorite ages with her.  She was so much more helpful, considerate, and definitely not as many tantrums etc.  I can see a lot of "drama" starting to creep in though.  Hopefully that never gets too crazy!  I feel like I am such a slack mom compared to pretty much everyone else, but I am just not a "party planner" nor do I ever feel like investing a lot of money into them.  So no parties this year.  We did take Kaitlyn along with her best friend Bayla from her preschool last year to Chuck-E-Cheese.  They had a blast and Kaitlyn actually thrives off only having one friend around at a time anyway.  They got a bunch of tokens to split and were able to just have fun.  I kept trying to get them to play games that would win them tickets, but they mainly just wanted to ride all the rides.  Oh well the prizes were pretty horrible anyway!  My dad had came to visit the day before and brought her a bunch of frozen presents and then at Chuck-E Cheese, Mamaw, Papaw, my mom and brother all came to celebrate.  Justin and I made some Frozen cupcakes and she got to open all her presents.  It was a nice birthday!
 Chuckie Came over to visit!
riding the spinning teacup

Present time!

Yaya got her a new "little horse" to replace the one she lost!

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