Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kaitlyn starts Pre-K

 I am so far behind on blogging.  But Kaitlyn started Pre-K back at the end of August.  She is going to River Hills Church Preschool in Lake Wylie.  The school is great.  But I still miss her old preschool so much!  I miss the personal level of attention and the small class size.  The teachers were great and I also loved the convenience of location and drop off.  In her new school I have to walk her into class and pick her up from her room.  Which wouldn't be as annoying if I didn't have to unload Brayden and Allie each time as well.  The drive isn't horrible.  It is pretty much exactly 15 minutes from our house if I don't hit too many lights, etc.  But it is worth the drive to pay $60+ less each month to go to school down there!  So far she enjoys it.  She is very quiet and shy her teachers tell me so she hasn't made too many friends.  Her class size is much bigger than her old school so it's probably a bit more intimidating with 17 kids vs her old class size of like 8.  Kaitlyn has also started speech lessons this year through CMS.  I am grateful to have them free of charge, but I really detest going to them twice a week.  Thursdays are the worst because I pick Kaitlyn up from school, we usually pack a lunch and then just hang out at the school until it is time for her speech lesson at 1:30 off Tyvola Rd.  (The closest location to us.)  They are only 30 minutes long 2x a week, but it is really annoying just having to sit in a waiting room each time with Allie and Brayden.  I am sooo ready for Summer to come already!  Hopefully the speech lessons will be worth it though.  She is mainly going for help pronouncing a lot of consonant sounds.  I am just over all the driving.  I feel bad for Brayden and Allie b/c I feel like they are always in the car while I chauffeur Kaitlyn around!

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