Monday, May 26, 2014

Allie Catch up 10-12 months

I have been so bad about blogging, so here is an Allie catch up.  I will do her first birthday post separate.  We've had a rough couple months with a lot of sickness, but everyone is finally getting healthy and we're ready for summer.  As long as she is not sick, she is a very happy baby!  She can throw a tantrum though!  It is so funny.  She throws herself down onto her stomach and arches her back with her legs straight out and arms straight back screaming.  Seriously she does it every time you put her down and she is not ready to be put down.  She has started walking.  She took her first real steps at the very end of April, but started really walking right around her birthday.  She loves her siblings.  If she hears them upstairs playing and having fun and she is downstairs, she will just stand at the bottom of the stairs just longingly looking upstairs.  Once you finally pick her up to carry her up she gets so excited and starts jumping crazily in your arms and hyperventilating and making squealing sounds!  It's so cute!  She also does it every time our door lock opens.  She knows someone is coming home and she gets so excited!

Here is a picture of her eating some of her first finger foods
Allie's 10 month shoot
Allie's 11 month shoot

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