Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Weekend 2010

We had a very busy Halloween weekend, but it was a lot of fun too! Friday night we had our Church Halloween Festival. I made Justin dress up and he hated it :) But I thought it was fun! We dressed up as Hansel and Gretal, but just looked like cheesy German people. Kaitlyn dressed up in a clown outfit I had gotten last year at Walmart for 90% off but it fit perfectly and was SO cute. The church had a "trunk or treat" where the kids went around the parking lot collecting candy. There was also a potluck dinner which is my favorite. I don't know why but I just LOVE potlucks. I love to sample a little bit of this and that from all kinds of people. Justin HATES them though and usually just starves. Here are some pics from the party:

Saturday Morning we headed out to use our Carowinds season passes one last time. We met up with our friends Mark and Ashley and just hung out in the kiddie section this time. Kaitlyn rode her first 'scary' ride...The hot air balloons! Those things were really intense! I was suprised that was a ride she was allowed to go on!

Carowinds had a kiddie Halloween section that was cute and they had lots of games and activities but she was still too young for most of them.
We decided to bring the wagon so that Kaitlyn and Briggs could ride together. I think they had fun. Kaitlyn LOVES wagon rides. She can be having a screaming fit and you put her in the wagon and everything is cured.

Saturday night Justin and I attended the wedding Kaiser and of my good friends from HS. It was at the Ritz Carlton uptown and really nice. My mom came over and watched Kaitlyn and we enjoyed a night out. Miquel looked beautiful as usual!
Sunday (Halloween): We went to church that morning and then came home and relaxed. We weren't planning on going trick or treating since she is so young still and it just looks like we want the candy, but we ended up running out of candy for the neighborhood trick or treaters! They came in swarms...literally like 10+ at a time. Eventually I just stood outside not even bothering to go back inside since I would keep getting up every minute. So after we ran out we decided we would go "collect" more candy! haha. So we dressed Kaitlyn up and went out. She loved getting candy. We let her have one candy bar and she tore threw it with her teeth and just smashed her face into it to get all of the candy out! Gross...since I hate chocolate. I guess she doesn't take after me.

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