Tuesday, November 23, 2010

27 Things I am Grateful for...

I thought I would do a Gratitude post in honor of Thanksgiving which is around the corner. I couldn't think of a number for how many I should do, so I picked 27...the number of years I have lived on this Earth :)
  1. My Faith in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: I am so grateful to be fully active in our church. I was inactive for several years during late high school and college but always knew that some day I would return. Now that I have, I never want to leave again. There is not a doubt in my mind that this church is true.

  2. My Husband: Whether I'm moody or stressed out he knows how to deal with me. He helps out around the house whether it is laundry or couponing with me.

  3. My Daughter: Although she was quite horrid in the early months and is still pretty high maintenance, she has turned into a fun-loving, energetic, silly little girl.

  4. My Family: They've made me who I am today and will always be there for me when I need them.

  5. Friends: Whether I've had them since high school or only a couple years I am grateful to have them in my life.

  6. This Country: I am very grateful to live in a country where we have the freedoms that we have...even if some people may be trying to diminish some of those freedoms...

  7. The Internet: That may sound shallow, but I cannot imagine life without it now. I use it for everything!

  8. Good Food: I LOVE to eat and will try most anything unless it has chocolate in it :)

  9. We FINALLY finished reading the Old Testament: We are trying to make it through the entire quad (Old Testament, New Testament, BofM, D&C, Pearl of Great Price) from front to back. We started about 2 1/2 years ago and FINALLY finished the OT. Although we do use the Institute study manual as we go along, so that takes extra time.

  10. Yard Sales: Yes I love them and about 90% of Kaitlyn's belongings come from them.

  11. Good In-laws: From my sibling-in-laws to my in-laws they are all nothing but nice to me.

  12. Our Home: Althought I do wish we didn't rush into buying it, I am happy we are stuck with a house that at least is large enough to grow into.

  13. DVR: We hate watching live TV now. We love our favorite shows, but love to be able to watch them on our own time and fast forward through all the commercials.

  14. The Temple: We have had the opportunity to start going a lot more often and are very grateful for that.

  15. Dave Ramsey: We started his program in February of this year and I am now happy to say that we are completely out of debt as of today (besides our mortgage of course.)

  16. Our Jobs: Even though I don't plan on keeping mine for too much longer, I am grateful for how things have worked out to allow me to still be at home with Kaitlyn.

  17. Electricity

  18. Sleep: Something I don't get enough of anymore.

  19. Warm Weather

  20. Cars

  21. Cell Phones

  22. Baby Monitors

  23. Vacations: Mostly cruises. We LOVE them. We actually wish we were on that cruise that got stranded so that we would have received a full refund, plus a free cruise voucher!

  24. Good Books

  25. Coupons: We definitely couldn't live on our grocery budget of $140 without them!

  26. Cats

  27. 8:00: That is Kaitlyn's bedtime. Yes, yes we love spending time with her, but we don't get upset when 8:00 rolls around :)

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