Friday, December 3, 2010

Car Crash

Today I just experienced the worst car crash of my life. With that said it could have definitely been worse and I feel lucky to have walked out of in unscathed along with Kaitlyn. Today started out to be a fairly good day. My dad came over this morning while I was working to play with Kaitlyn. Then my mom called and asked if I wanted to come meet her at Carolina Place mall. "Sure" I said since I needed to do a little shopping anyway for Christmas. I was in the right turning lane to get off I-485 when it happened. A pick-up truck came right into my lane right next to me forcing me to swerve off the road. Then my car completely lost control and I ended up spinning out of control ACROSS 3 LANES of oncoming interstate traffic, ACTUALLY spinning through the oncoming cars, miraculously not hitting them until the very far left lane a guy ended up hitting my front tire, giving us a little more spin to finally go crashing through the cable wires of the median. The cables sliced through the front of my car, but saved us from spinning all the way into the opposite side of oncoming traffic. I was in hysterics. I immediately flew out of the car and ran to get Kaitlyn who was completely unfazed by the whole thing. It really is a miracle that we didn't' get hurt and I know someone was looking out for us. To top it off though, the pick-up truck drove away, leaving me to be responsible for the whole thing. The cop was nice and didn't give me a ticket since I obviously didn't have time to get the guys licence tag no. but told me insurance would definitely file it as a fault. And they did. The car is pretty totaled since the cables sliced through the whole front hood. We had it towed to KIA and they were very nice and gave us a loaner car for free! I am too scared to drive it though. Here are some pics of the damage once it was pulled from the cables. I should have taken one while it was in the ditch but I was a little preoccupied and freaking out :)

Close up of where the cables sliced through the car.

here you can see how high up the cables went acros the hood through the car...and the radiator leaking into the parking lot


  1. That is just horrible. Horrible. I am so sorry, but so thankful that you are both okay.