Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bahamas Cruise 2010

So we are back from our cruise! It was a lot of fun. I was mainly nervous about leaving Kaitlyn but she did great! My mom said she barely fussed at all and stayed on her schedule with no problems! So that was a huge relief. If only she would behave for other sitters as well! We left out of Charleston which was nice rather than driving all the way to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Justin's brother Jason and his wife Angie went along with us so it was nice to have another couple to hang out with at the dinners and stuff. Here are a few pics of our trip!

Our boat

Our first porthole room. We have always had interiors, but we got a porthole for the same price...not the same as a window, but still nice! And it had a lot of extra space you could put stuff by the window.

One of the formal nights

Nassau, Bahamas

We decided to go to Atlantis while we were in Nassau. It was amazing! So beautiful. I am happy to say that I have been there...even if I didn't get to stay there! We decided to do their water park/aquarium/ beaches excurision. It was fun, but DEFINITELY not worth the money. Everything at Atlantis was SO expensive.

One of the waterslides that goes through a shark tank

Freeport, Bahamas
Since there is not much to do in Freeport we decided to go snorkeling. We found a really affordable place online before we left that picks you up and takes you to their private beach with a little restaurant and everything. They rent out their snorkeling gear or you can go kayaking, etc. We planned on going snorkeling and I started...but there were jellyfish EVERYWHERE. They weren't the really dangerous stinging kind but I didn't care. I wanted out of that water! So I swam all the way back to shore and they let me go out in a one man kayak instead. Justin and Jason and Angie went out anyways and several people including Justin got stung. He claims it only hurt for about 5 minutes though. Whatev. Not me!


We didn't do any shore excursions this day so we just walked around. We walked down to the Southernmost Point of the USA...only 90 miles from Cuba!

We decided to go to the Ernest Hemmingway house. It was interesting. I loved it b/c of all of the cats! Apparently Ernest LOVED cats and had tons of them...there was even a cat cemetary on the property. He was known for having 6-toed cats and their decendants still live there!
Me with one of the cats

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  1. So fun! We've been on a similar cruise and we LOVED it! We'll have to get together sometime and compare notes!