Friday, October 1, 2010

One year ago...

So this past weekend we celebrated Kaitlyn's first birthday! It was a lot of fun and we had a great turnout. Pretty much all of both sides of our family was in attendance and it was great getting catch up with everyone. Kaitlyn was a little on the grumpy side though, b/c she had been VERY sick the whole week prior. It started out just diarrhea, but then escalated into diarrhea literally like every 15 minutes! It was horrible, she wouldn't eat anything and threw up her bottles when she did eat. She also developed a REALLY bad diaper rash from all of the diarrhea and it got really swollen and painful. I tried to just keep her outside on the back patio naked so she could air out a bit. She even lost a whole pound that week...which for her was a lot!But luckily she was recovered by the party...just still a little on the grumpy side :) Here are some of the pictures from her party:

We also had join birthday party with her friend Brigham who is one week older with some of our other friends from our old singles ward.

Some other happenings in our life right now is that we are in the process of switching over to cow's milk. That process is going ok I guess...we give her two bottles a day with half breastmilk and half cow's milk and I am slowly decreasing the breastmilk ounce by ounce. We are hoping to transition to only the cow's milk soon b/c I have already quit pumping but still have a small frozen supply we are using. I made it to my one year goal and that is long enough :) I am a little annoyed though b/c she will drink water out of her sippy cups like a champ, but the second we put milk in there she throws a fit! And here is the other stubborn thing she does...the milk is not even about the taste for her...She LOVES for us to spoon feed her milk...even right from her sippy cup...but the second we put the lid on to give it to her she wants nothing to do with it. So I guess it is either continue with the bottles for a while or spoon feed her milk everyday to get her milk intake! I guess I at least need to be grateful that she is drinking it!
Other than that things are going pretty well with us. We just got approved to refinance our house which we are excited about. We were so nervous before the appraiser came, b/c if our house did not appraise high enough we were out $400 for nothing. But luckily it appraised for $3000 more than what we needed so we cut it close! But we were thrilled for this market. This refinance will put us one step closer to me finally being able to quit work. We are hopefully going to be saving around $200 a month with our refinance which will help out a lot once we lose my salary!


  1. The time goes so fast huh! Glad she is feeling better and so happy for you guys that you are getting closer to your goals!

  2. Congrats on making it so well through the first year! She is adorable and you look great and happy too. Got my fingers crossed that you'll be able to quit soon.

  3. Aww Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!! And good for you for pumping for that long! You are amazing!! I know how time consuming it can be! She is a cutie and I totally agree with Vanessa, I am hoping you can quit work soon too!