Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kaitlyn Milestones

Kaitlyn is finally hitting some milestones all before her 6 month birthday! As of today she can sit up unsupported! She falls over eventually I guess when she stops concentrating on what she is doing, but she can sit for about a minute by herself. If she leans forward too much she is able to pick her body back upright, but if she topples backwards then she is done. I was so happy though! I have been looking forward to the day when she would be able to sit and play with toys b/c she is not very fond of the bumbo or anything where she is restricted. She is also getting a lot better with rolling over. She can now easily roll from her back to her front when she wants to. Here are some pictures of her first day of sitting up like a big girl!

I love this picture here with her hand on her hip! Haha. She looks like she is about to sass me or something.
This toy here that I got at a yard sale is one of her favorites that encouraged her to sit up to play with it.

We have also still been trying to get her to eat solids, but still not much luck. She is content only eating her bottle. We have been trying rice cereal for about a week now and she still does not like it much and swallows hardly anything. It all just gets spit right back out. I guess it will just happen in time. I know I am not a fan of it though! Sooo messy! And so much more hassle than a bottle! haha.

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