Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 months ago...

Kaitlyn turned 6 months this past Sunday! I can't believe how fast she is growing! Although I can't say I miss the newborn stage since she is such a fussy baby! Maybe the first 2 weeks...She would actually let us cuddle her then. She has been getting slowly easier the older she gets as she is able to start entertaining herself with toys and what not. I am so looking forward to when she becomes mobile and really can play with stuff. And for those who say I won't...I guarantee I would rather have to watch out for and chase a mobile baby than constantly hold a screaming baby! So here are some updates of her 6 month check up:

Weight: 14 lbs 3 oz. Length: 24 1/4"

She is still a pretty small baby for her age being in the 10-25%. Currently she still is not eating solids very well. We have tried cereals and vegetables and the only time she will actually eat without a fight is in the bathtub! But I can't give her 3 baths a day! I thought maybe it was the lounging position of the tub, so I sat her in it without water but she wouldn't lay down in it or eat! She just prefers her bottles. I have also successfully hit the 6 month mark of exclusively pumping! I can successfully say that Kaitlyn has never had a drop of formula and all of her milk is exclusively pumped by me! I tried breastfeeding the first few weeks, but she would just never latch on unless I used this 'nipple shield' thing that I HATED! It would leak milk everywhere and I would get so annoyed. So I just started pumping. It's really not bad. I pump once in the morning before she wakes up, once mid afternoon when she is napping, and then 1-2 more times when Justin is home.

Kaitlyn has also started to not really let anyone else hold her besides me if I am in the same room. It is hard b/c even when Justin is home, I am still the one that usually still has to hold her, but secretly I love that she loves her Mommy so much! I know that I always vent on here about how hard she is, but I think Heavenly Father sent her to me for a reason. I have learned so much PATIENCE from her. Other things like work or whatever still stress me out so much, but it is amazing the bond that develops between a mother and baby. I usually always know what she wants and how to fix it. Even if it is not always convenient for me. And if I do have to have a difficult child I would at least prefer it to be my first! Those rare times that she does actually laugh...which are EXTREMELY rare make me so happy I could burst. Her smiles are much more common and those too melt my heart. Those happy times make it all so worth it. I just wish there were more of them! Guess I can't be greedy.

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