Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Engagements Galore!

These past two weekends for us have been busy busy! Two of my best friends from High School/College both had engagement parties back to back. It is so great to still all be able to get together with our group of girls and still act like no time has passed in between! We still have an annual Christmas dinner every year and we just realized this past year was our 10th dinner that we all attended! This year is also the year of the weddings apparently. First is my friend Chrissie's in April, then Justin's baby sister Ainsely in July, then my friend Ivy's in September, and my friend Miquel's in October!

The first party was in Wilson, NC which is right outsides of Greenville where I went to school at ECU. Since you drive right through Greensboro we dropped Kaitlyn off at Justin's brother's place and they watched her until we picked her up a few hours later! It was so nice of them!

Chrissie + John Engagement Party: It was a Kentucky Derby themed party...hence all the hats!

I actually made my dress below since it is so hard to find nice dresses these days. Plus I got the fabric at Wal-mart for like $8 or something like that with a Wal-mart gift card so I didn't have to cheat with our Dave Ramsey program! I am really trying to learn how to sew clothes. I basically just learn by trial and error. I hate that all the begineer sewing classes are so basic. I want to learn patterns!
This is Miquel & Kaiser's engagement party. Group shot of all the ladies.
Me and Miquel (future bride) and Kaitlyn. Who was VERY fussy that night!

Me and Justin with our friends Balti & Emily. They are expecting their first in June! Yay! I won't be the only Mommy of the group anymore! haha!


  1. Shannon - I saw the picture of you in the pink dress on facebook, and thought, "I wonder where she got such a cute, modest dress!" Great job sewing it! Seriously, I am so impressed. And I have that same hat (from Target?)

  2. haha thanks! I am you sew much? It really is hard finding cute modest clothes! And yes the hat is from Target!