Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kaitlyn turns 3!

Kaitlyn turned 3 years old on September 28th.  It was a nice day, but we didn't have a party.  Since Kaitlyn's in preschool and we have a playgroup with some friends as well, I made cupcakes for both events and we sang to her at them and she blew out her candles for her friends.  On her actual birthday we didn't have any obligations so we had a fun day of just playing together.  My dad came over with lots of presents that morning and then that night we made one of her favorite meals (stouffer's lasagna) and my mom came over and we had cake and opened presents.  It was low key, but at that point she was still having a rough transition to being around lots of kids and I just didn't think a party was something she would even enjoy.  Maybe next year she will understand more about what it is and have real friends she wants to invite over.  She love it though.  She kept saying it was her birthday and loved time with family.  Here's a few pictures of her opening her presents...

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