Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disney Trip September 2012

I am a little late posting, but here are some pics from our Disney trip about a month ago.  It was a good time.  Not as much fun as the times we would go before kids, but still fun.  Vacations just aren't relaxing anymore.  The trip started out really bad.  Kaitlyn got a cold literally the day we got there.  It cleared up half-way through the week, but for those first few days she was NOT FUN!  She wouldn't eat and would just cry the entire time through our meals.  Luckily Brayden never got sick and was an angel the whole trip!  He was great at meals and napped in the stroller during the day.  He didn't really care one way or another about the rides, but once Kaitlyn was feeling better, she loved the rides.  She also liked to dress up in her Cinderella and Tinkerbell outfits.  We tried out a lot of new restaurants this time around that we hadn't been to before.  Some were hits, some we would not go again.  My favorite was O'hana.  We've been trying to eat there for 6 years and it's always been booked.  We finally got in and it was worth it!  We probably won't go back again for at least 2 years b/c we want all of the new Fantasyland to be open, plus give Kaitlyn and Brayden time to get older for some of the more fun rides.
Kaitlyn with the statue of Cinderella.  She refused to get near any characters or princesses! haha!
Brayden's favorite stroller activity.  This trip wore him out!

Kaitlyn and Nana on the new Dumbo ride!

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