Friday, February 12, 2010


Just wanted to do a quick update on life so far. Things are still really stressful with work. But Dave Ramsey program is going pretty good so far. We have not cheated yet...but I guess we are not even through one month yet! I am just praying that by summer I will be a "real" stay at home mom. Things with Kaitlyn are still pretty much the usual. She is starting to smile more though which I love! It makes me so happy when I see that instead of her pouting cry! haha. Kaitlyn is currently about 4 1/2 months old and teething hard! Her first tooth cut through at about 3 1/2 months and we have been waiting on the second since then, but think it is close b/c she is always chomping on anything she can find! Her motor skills have became a lot better. She can grab things and bring them up to her mouth now. She drops them a lot but she is getting better. She tries to eat everything! We still haven't started any cereal. I think I am going to wait until at least 5 months just to make sure she is really ready.

Here is a picture of her tooth!

Chomping on a teething toy. These are hit or miss with her.

Practicing her tummy time. Today was actually the only day she lasted more than about 2 minutes without crying! Yay!

Gathering all her toys to her mouth.

Here is a random picture of Justin and I skiing last month. And let me just say that will probably be my last time ever. I just feel too old for that kind of stuff! I was terrified the whole time and just kept thinking about what I would do if I broke something! Justin on the other hand is so good! He used to be a ski instructor so him and my brother just went off on there own and I hung out in the ski lodge until it was finally time to go home!

So that is our quick life update! More to come soon.

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  1. kaitlyn looks great! she is huge. it looks like she has great head control and trunk strength. can you tell i spend to much time with therapists ;) i'm glad you and justin got to go out and ski. i was terrified last time i went too. we miss you guys.