Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 Weeks to Go...hopefully

Well today marks the 2 week countdown for my due date. However, I am now a little worried b/c I went to the doctor yesterday for my regular check-up and the midwife got concerned b/c I was measuring small. She sceduled an ultrasound for the same day which I was actually happy about b/c we had hoped that we could have another one that insurance would cover!

Well the ultrasound didn't help either! Our baby girl is measuring very small! Only about 5 1/2 pounds and a projected due date of 2 weeks later than our original due date! With out first ultrasounds she was measuring on target so now everyone is perplexed at why she is so small! I started getting nervous b/c the ultrasound tech. just kept staring at the results like "hmm...well...hmm...I don't know what to tell you." I was like "ok this doesn't sound good."

Well thankfully our midwife said she was not concerned. She said that somebody has to have the 6lb baby and maybe that just might be me! So that eased my mind a bit. Our baby is measuring in the 14% percentile for weight and she said it is only a real cause for concern when it is less than 4%. So keep us in your prayers that everything is fine and I just get to give birth to a tiny baby! That should hopefully make trying to go natural easier at least!

Other than that everything else looked good. All of her other vital stats were normal and I have been feeling fine and feeling her kick and move a lot. We are just ready to welcome her to the world! And hopefully not 2 weeks after our due date!

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  1. sorry i haven't mailed you the gym yet. i am trying to get everything together b/c i ended up with some cute girl outfits i wante dto send too. don't worry about the small baby thing. isabella was only 6 12 and em was 5 15. they both packed on the pounds when they were born. sometimes kids are just small.