Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kaitlyn's Nursery

So with everything going on with us lately, we got behind in getting everything ready for our baby. It took us FOREVER to decide on a name which we finally have! Her name will be Kaitlyn. It was not my first choice, but Justin would not agree on my others!

Also we have finally finished her nursery! I love it! Justin did most of the work so I can't take credit, but I think it turned out wonderfully! We found our bedding set a long time ago and had it on our registry, but then we went into the store recently to discover that everything had been discontinued and there was hardly anything left! So we had to just buy it all ourself! haha! It wasn't too bad though since it was discontinued, everything was on sale.

Justin painted our walls pink on the top and then light green on the bottom and then installed a white chair rail to run around the room. He did a really good job! I was impressed. So here is the finished product! It is hard to capture the whole room in one picture, but I tried.

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  1. Hey girl, the nursery looks so great just like the rest of your cute house. I am adding you to my blog list.