Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I guess my Employer is at it again. Due to the economy we had 6 more layoffs at work today. One of them being my boss. That leaves JUST me left to manage and run my whole department. Plus, the real kicker...they laid off our purchasing/estimating guy today as well, and they want to train me to take on some of his take off estimating as well! This economy is just awesome!

I probably shouldn't have done this, b/c now I have just created an awkward working situation, but I felt so bad for my boss getting laid off, that I told one of the Owner's that I was pregnant, and was most likely not coming back once I had the baby and perhaps they would want to keep my boss instead of me. But no. They said they would just deal with that situation when it arrived, but that he was still going. I really think I am about to go insane there. I would really have rather been laid off than have to deal with all of this stress and headache! ahh!

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