Thursday, March 12, 2009

WDW Here we come!

So yesterday I got a call from the family saying that they wanted one last family vacation before the baby comes. So apparently Disney World has some amazing deals for military right now and since my step-dad is retired military we are getting to go for a great deal...Plus the fam is paying ;)

So we are going for a whole week in May! I am really excited to have a vacation before the baby gets here, but also I am a little disappointed since I won't be able to ride any of the fun rides! I will have to go hang out on "it's a small world" while the rest of the fam goes splashing down "Splash Mountain."

Also just an update. I had another doctor's visit on Wednesday. They didn't do an ultrasound, but they did listen for the baby's heartbeat and it was strong they said. So I am relieved b/c I have still been so nervous from all the past complications. So hoping everything stays good!


  1. i am jealous. we aren't getting our trip to disney until june. i am glad that baby sounds good. that counts for a lot. i hope you have a great time.

  2. Aww, how fun! I am glad your appointment went well.

  3. look, if you get "morning" sick while you're there, it's perfectly ok to puke in the bushes. Isabella did several times and still had a magical experience!