Sunday, February 1, 2009

There were Two Lines!

So I am pretty sure that I am pregnant. I always said that I did not want to blog until I had something to blog about...aka...a baby. So Justin and I planned to start trying to get pregnant at the start of 2009 when our new insurance kicked in. Well I thought I was pregnant...but I thought it was maybe just wishful thinking, so I took a test last week (1/28/09) and it said that I was pregnant! Wahoo! I took it in my work bathroom and started shaking. I couldn't even celebrate with anyone! I tried to tell everyone that I was going to get pregnant the first month but no one believed me. Well here is the proof! ha!

So I have my first doctor's appt. scheduled for February 5th! So wish me luck! I am so nervous and just praying that everything goes smoothly!

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