Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Fun

We've been very busy lately.  I feel like we never have a free weekend!  A couple weekends ago we went up to visit Justin's parents at their mountain house they bought a little bit ago.  It is a fixer upper so they go up every so often to work on it and the boys will help out as well.  But it's nice to have a small get away and also some babysitting!  Justin and I went to Haunted Tweetsie while we were there and it was def a waste of money.  The haunted portion was very lame, and the rides were not enough to make up for the money spent.  We also went to another haunted house at an old abandoned school while we were up there for $5 and it was much scarier than Haunted Tweetsie!  During the day we took the kids to a corn maze and they had some bouncy houses and games for kids so that was fun.  Here are a few pics of our trip to the mountains:

Last weekend we also went to Carowinds.  We purchased 2014 season passes for the family so they let you go for free one day this year.  They kids had fun.  Brayden couldn't ride very much since he is not 36" but he still enjoyed it.

This past weekend the Disney Store was hosting a Halloween celebration to come dressed as your favorite Disney princess or character.  I just happened to have two Disney costumes laying around so we decided to go.  Here are my little Snow White and Tigger!


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