Thursday, July 25, 2013

Allie 1 & 2 month Stats

Hard to believe Allie is already 2 months old!  This time around has not been too bad.  Overall she can be a fairly demanding baby, but I think I am just more laid back about it this time around.  I guess that happens the more kids you have!  You learn not to stress out about the little things that don't really matter.  Allie is much more similar to Kaitlyn's personality as a baby than Brayden.  Brayden was the happiest, most laid back baby there was!  He pretty much only cried if he was really hungry.  Allie (like Kaitlyn) cries a lot!  Mostly b/c she is a pretty gassy baby.  We have started making homemade gripe water that we put in all of her bottles.  At first we bought some, but at $10 a bottle that was outrageous!  We have to remake the gripe water every 3 days, but it is worth the savings!  Plus you can really tell a difference that it makes in Allie,  The homemade gripe water makes more than 3 days worth, but it starts to lose its effectiveness around then and you can definitely tell when it is wearing out!  She also usually wants to be held.  Brayden was content wherever, but Allie always wants to be in your arms.  Which would be a lot easier to do if I didn't have to take care of two others! haha!

One bonus though, just like Kaitlyn is that she is already sleeping through the night!  Kaitlyn started around 6 weeks and Allie was right at 8 weeks.  Brayden was not until about 4 months.  So that has helped!  I am so grateful to have her in our life.  Both Brayden and Kaitlyn have adjusted very smoothly to having her around and there really has not been any jealousy which has been great!  Even though there are plenty of days I want to scream, I really love how close in age they all are.  I think it will be great as they get older and all will somewhat enjoy the same things and playing together.  Here are Allie's 1 and 2 month stats:
 Allie 1 month:
Length: 20 1/2 inches (25 %)
Weight: 8 lb 10 oz (30%)
Head Circumference: 36 cm (10-25%)

Allie 2 months:
Length: 21 3/4" (25%)
Weight: 10 lb 11 oz (25-50%)
Head Circumference: 38 cm (25-50%)

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