Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a good Christmas this year.  Luckily I got my wish and we were all healthy for Christmas and pretty much through the end of the year.  Unfortunately January started back up full force in the sickness department, but I'll talk about that in another post.  This year it was our turn to be in Charlotte for Christmas and we had our first Christmas where we woke up as a our own immediate family alone to see what Santa brought and open presents.  We introduced the "Elf on the Shelf" this year.  At first Kaitlyn was not so sure what to think about him.  I think he made her nervous (as most things do...haha)  but by Christmas time she was happy to wake up to see where he had moved to and find him.  Our elf didn't do anything crazy.  Just move to a different spot/ hiding place each night.  She was a little disappointed when he went back to live with Santa.  We also succeeded in getting our first Santa picture without her crying.  Unfortunately Brayden was tired and grumpy from waiting in the long line that he was not having the picture!  Kaitlyn cried the entire line, and then stopped when we got up there and put her fingers in her mouth to comfort her.

Baking Christmas Cookies for Santa

I attempted several times to get a good picture of them in front of the tree, but they were all failures :/

Opening presents Christmas morning.
 Brayden in his new Tom Brady jersey Justin got him.  AS you can see, Justin is a bit more excited about it than Brayden.
 What Santa brought Kaitlyn
 What Santa brought Brayden
After our family Christmas at our house, we went over to my Mom's house for Christmas over there and lunch.  There were lots more presents and then we went over to my Dad's house for our third Christmas of the day!  That weekend we drove down to Justin's parents house for the family Christmas with them!  Overall the kids got WAY too many presents!  I will definitely need to be having a yard sale this spring to clear our some of our old toys to make room for everything they got.  Overall it was a great Christmas!

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