Thursday, January 5, 2012

Potty Training 101

Justin took the whole last week of the year off from work...hoping for a relaxing week. That didn't turn out as planned for him. I decided to potty train Kaitlyn that week since Justin would be home to help out. Boy am I glad he was! The first 3-4 days were MISERABLE! She was terrified of the potty. I am pretty sure I barely even saw Brayden for about 4 days b/c I was constantly tending to Kaitlyn. She freaked out. She went into some sort of depression almost. I decided to potty train cold-turkey. No more diapers. She understood that she couldn't go in her underwear, she just wouldn't go at all! The first day she held it for 7-8 hours! She was so scared to release her pee on the potty and the only times she would pee were when she absolutely couldn't hold it anymore. She would just scream and all she wanted to do was cuddle and watch tv...which is VERY unlike her. She went through stages of hating the potty, to then never wanting to even get off of it! She would just sit there trying to go for like an hour. She actually fell asleep on the potty multiple times b/c she refused to leave it! But after about 5 days I am glad to say that she is now 100% potty trained with no more adverse side effects! She even wakes up in the middle of the night to potty and rarely will wet the bed! Even though those first couple days were HORRIBLE, I am so suprised at how well she did and how quickly she trained herself! She literally only had 2 accidents and that was the first day! So happy to be finished with that stage of life with her!
Here is a clip of Kaitlyn asleep on her potty:

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