Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 2011

Life has been crazy as usual, but I keep neglecting this poor blog! Nothing too exciting going on this past month. Valentines Day was pretty low key for us. My only request was for a card (that had to have more written in it than "Love, Justin" and my request was granted, along with the Sound of Music DVD I had been wanting. Justin received some of his favorite candies and a new grill brush and cover since our current ones were worn out. For dinner we went out to Cracker Barrel with a gift card. You may scoff, but that is actually one of my FAVORITE places to eat. Nothing beats a good ol' fashioned southern meal. MMM. Another highlight of the month was that Justin and I both had to give talks at church...acutally not a highlight, but glad it is over! We have been loving the weather lately and have been having fun with Kaitlyn outside. Check out her hair when she plays on her new playset we found on Craigslist! haha!

And my mom got her this awesome shopping cart for Christmas. She pushes it around with her baby in it, but Justin thought it would be funny to put her in it. She loved it!

This past weekend we went to my mom's house to help her build a square foot garden and Kaitlyn had a horrible accident. Justin had been driving the riding Lawn Mower to haul bags of soil, and while we were all busy Kaitlyn touch a hot part on the mower and her hand blistered up pretty bad. She was pitiful. We soaked it in chilled Aloe Vera Juice for about 20 minutes and then wrapped in up in a bandage and she passed out from crying so much. Definitely her worst injury so far :( I was so impressed by how she handled it though. The initial burn was horrible, but ever since she woke up from the following nap, she has not even been bothered by it! We kept it bandaged the first day and she just used her other hand for everything and kept the injured hand up at her side. After that we took off the bandage to let it breath and it hasn't even slowed her down! I am worried about infection though. She won't let us touch it, so every time she is asleep we go and coat it with neosporin and she doesn't mind it being washed in the bath tub. Here are some pictures of her bandaged hand :( But also some happier pictures prior to her injury over at Mom's house:

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