Saturday, March 15, 2014

Brayden Stitches Round #2

Last week Kaitlyn and Brayden left for a sleepover at Nana's house.  Justin and I had a date night at Cheesecake Factory planned since we only had Allie and having only one kid now feels like you are free!  Well a few hours after they left, Mom calls me and informs me that Brayden fell and she thinks he needs stitches.  He fell into an open door and split his lip open.  So she loaded him up and we left to meet her at Levine children's hospital.  He was once again very brave.  He didn't cry at all except when they put the numbing gel onto his lip.  After that he was perfect the whole time.  We sang Old MacDonald had a Farm the whole time they were stitching him up, just like the first go round of stitches on his forehead.  He has been excellent the whole time since getting them as well.  He hasn't acted like it even bothers him which is good and still eats everything.  Still too early to tell if it is going to scar though.  So luckily it was nothing too serious.  But I swear he is the clumsiest, most uncoordinated child ever.  Kaitlyn seriously was running and walking better than him at 12 months than he does at 2.5 years!  He falls all the time, so I am worried that things like this are going to happen too often with him. 

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