Friday, November 25, 2011

Kaitlyn Randomness

Kaitlyn LOVES to go to the grocery store. She knows them all by name. Without me telling her where we are going, as soon as I pull into the parking lot, she looks out and says "There's Harris Teeter" or Aldi, or Bi-lo. Harris Teeter is her favorite of course b/c she gets a balloon and a cookie. She LOVES balloons. Whenever she has a 'fresh' balloon she will literally carry it around until it dies. I am talking even when she is sleeping...she will not let go. At night time Kaitlyn is a really sound sleeper, but if we try and take the balloon out of her hand while she is asleep she immediately wakes up saying "BALLOON!" Too bad those HT balloons die the next day and she wants to go so often. A couple days ago she actually screamed for over an hour b/c she wanted to go to Harris Teeter. She just kept saying "Go Harris Teeter" over and over. I guess my couponing has created a little grocery store monster! haha!

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