Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Does Your Baby Sleep Like This?

This is Kaitlyn's favorite way to sleep. Snuggled up next to her bumper with her arm around it and face smushed into it! Now some of you may say 'NO BUMPERS' but our pediatrician office acutally gives us a sheet that RECOMMENDS the use of bumpers. And we actually tried not using the bumpers in the beginning since she was like this, but Kaitlyn would get caught up with her arms and legs through the railing and cry and not sleep well so we brought them back. She moves around more than any baby I have seen when she sleeps. I put her to bed in a wedge at the bottom middle part of her crib and within about 10 minutes she is up in the corner cuddling her bumpers. It is a good thing we have this wonderful monitor:
This monitor allows us to sleep in peace at night. It is sooo great. It sounds an alarm anytime your baby quits breathing. And it has given us very few false alarms. Actually the only false alarms are when she is way up in the corner of the bumper b/c she has probably gotten too far away from the sensor. But one time the alarm went off and we had accidentally left a bib on her and it was up over her face! And that time she was right in the middle of the crib, so it has went off b/c of that! I freaked out. But thankfully we had the monitor, since as you can see Kaitlyn likes to bury her face in things!

Today is also Kaitlyn's 7 month birthday! Just a few status updates for me to remember. She now has two bottom teeth! She is able to sit up on her own very well and is getting better at her solid foods. Her favorites: oatmeal mixed with pureed strawberries. That is one of the few things she will actually lean towards the spoon for more. Others that she tolerates: green beans, peas, peaches. Dislikes: SWEET POTATOES, applesauce.
She still cannot crawl, but is getting pretty good at standing while holding onto something. She loves to stand. She is still fussy and always wants to be toted around while standing up. I just wish she would love being held while sitting down! That I could handle!


  1. too cute!! Cali always had her blankie on top of her face!

  2. that baby monitor literally saved Emmeline's life. it is awesome. isa liked to sleep on her back but with one leg propped up the the side of the crib. i don't know how she did it but she balanced it there the whole time she slept. if i moved it she would grunt in her sleep and put it back.