Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I thought I would write a post just b/c I feel like I have been MIA for a while. I can't even express how busy these past couple weeks or so have been. They have been filled with tears, stress, excitement and uncertainty. I won't go into everything, but it looks like things are finally starting to slow down.

First news...we are back from Disney and had a great time. I won't get into it b/c I plan on making a separate post about our trip!

Now some exciting news...we are having a little GIRL! We found out right before we left for Disney so it was nice knowing! The parents bought her a little cute outfit from Disney and a little stuffed Dumbo. I will have to be sure to post our ultrasound pictures as well. They weren't any super clear ones, but we got a couple good ones. I still haven't felt her kick least not that I am sure of. But they told me that apparently my placenta is towards the front of my stomach so when she does kick I probably will not feel it until she is much bigger. I am looking forward to it though!

Now for some news that I don't really know what to think yet...Today was my first day of working from home...kind of. As everyone knows, the housing market has been hurting for quite some time now and of course that has affected my job. I was told right before we left for Disney that we were consolidating into a very small office space and that I would now be working from home and cut back to 20 hours. I think I am actually really excited about this. I am currently still full time and no one seems to know what to tell me about when I go part time so I don't know my hours or anything yet. But hopefully this could be something that can really help us out when the baby comes. Since I get to work from home and only 20 hours a week I could keep working once I have the baby!

So that is my news for now. Sorry a long post of me just venting! I promise there will be fun pictures to come!

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  1. Congrats on the baby Girl!!! Girls are so much fun to dress!